Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A blogger is born.

I never thought I would be a blogger. Ever. Never ever. However, I have recently become a blog addict and my bookmark page is now overflowing. So I've decided to start blogging about all things crafty, messy, campy and fun. And so, here it goes...

I am the mother of two, the wife of one (lucky guy), a daughter, a sister, a friend, a teacher and an artist. I am sure I am many other things, but these are the highlights. I run a jewelry design business (www.kimbloomberg.com) and I teach private craft and jewelry classes (www.kimbloomberg.com/campkim). I love teaching people ages 9-99 and I love art supplies and trying new crafts. For me, the messier, the better.

So, where to start? I will go back in time and feature a favorite art project of mine I did with my son Jake when he was four. Handprint paintings are a regular at pre-school and I loved how much they exemplify childhood. I wanted to come up with something else that could capture the memory of childhood. So, here it is.  Here is the project from start to finish. He absolutely loved it and it all wiped off easily with a baby wipe. For kids this age, I definitely recommend using tempera paint.
This is Jake getting ready for his foot painting. All you need is paint, brushes, paper and some little feet. Notice how daring I am. No newspaper. This was obviously a rental. 

The paint tickled. Jake loved the feeling. First we did a rainbow. Then I decided that I wanted to hang the final product in Jake's room. So I did yellow, green and blue. Any color combo works.

figuring out how to get up without using his feet (I lifted him up and put him down on paper. I added more pieces of paper so that most of the paint would come off on the paper instead of the floor.

taking a walk with painty toes

The Masterpiece.



  2. Oh, by the way, this blogger really knows how to express herself. I can see her bubbly personality just from reading her blogs. Keep blogging! IU