Monday, April 11, 2011

Julie, can I stalk your life?

In honor of my very first follower, I dedicate this post to my friend Julie Spano. Julie is not only my hilarious friend and a brilliant copywriter, but she is also the brainchild of the name, “Camp Kim.” I was living in Atlanta ten years ago with my then-fiance’  (now my husband aka “DB” Dave).  Along came Julie. The perfectly tanned, petite, whipper-snapper who also enjoyed the fineries in life: ‘Everybody’s ‘pizza salads, selling mattresses on craigslist and being crafty. It was love at first sight.

Then came my first Atlanta summer. I had finished my first year of teaching and had all day free. She was newly freelanceable (aka unemployed) and we decided to do some activities. We would carefully plan out our days as such: sneak into the closest apartment complex and use their pool, go for power walks followed by downing a box of chocolate chip cookies and then an afternoon “advanced” art project. That summer I taught Julie to mosaic. I had so much faith in the girl, I decided it would be silly to start on say, a trivet or a picture frame. She was clearly more talented than that. We had all summer to work, so she should definitely start with a large, rectangular coffee table. And she was surely ready for stained glass. No problem.

We began our first “Camp Kim” project. It was great. And then we were done. Well, almost. All Julie had to do on her own was grout. But instead of grouting, she left her masterpiece in its “natural” state. Which was fine until Gary (her then boyfriend, now husband) had sliced his kneecaps on it one too many times. Eventually, it had to be destroyed.

But the craft bug lived on and I like to hope that I had something to do with it. These days, we are hundreds of miles apart, but our lives are still pretty similar. Both moms of two, both still love the fineries of life and both have a love of crafts. Plus we are both bloggers (me as of 5 days ago) and she for quite some time. Find some of her quick wit and beautiful finds

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  1. Okay, Kim - I know I'm you're mother, but you are a terrific blogger. When I read your blogs I feel like I'm hearing your voice (which, as you know, is not often enough!) IU